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An unfair advantage to SELL or IPO your business, ACQUIRE or MERGE with another or RESTRUCTURE

I've done scores of deals and lead-managed every one of them; over 34 years evaluating hundreds of companies and financial operating scenarios, interviewing thousands of executives.  Business sales. Mergers. Acquisitions. IPOs. Restructurings.

With my focus and decades of experience, I've gotten some phenomenal results.  I do 2 or 3 projects a year, usually referred by sophisticated financial professionals who know exactly what I do and how I do it.

Now I am adding coaching, tutorials, and online courses to extend to a wider array of business owners, top management, board directors and private equity staff the unfair advantage of what I have learned as the accountable manager of scores of my own transactions, and very alert observer of hundreds of others.


For Me, the Success of Your Strategic Financial Transaction is Personal!

I thoroughly enjoy extracting for you every dollar of value from your business equity.  I love what I do, which is why I never promoted myself to "upper management" in my own firm.  I'd much rather work with you personally to achieve your goals than supervise apprentice and journeymen deal managers.

I teach in every engagement.  I teach YOU to make your own informed choices at every stage.

I've decided to open a polytechnic deal academy for a wider audience, because most business owners, board directors, top management and junior and mid-level private equity staff can profit in some significant way from the extensive body of  valuable knowledge I've accumulated.

To traditional engagement of our firm to do your deal, I am adding:

to extend the benefits of 3 decades of my front line experience to a wider array of business stakeholders.


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Unfair Advantages for Businesses of Any Size

Engage Kane & Company to advise on your deal

Let's talk about your situation and see if Kane is the right choice for helping you prepare for, and execute, the transaction that fulfills your strategic financial goals.

Best for projected deals valued in excess of $50 million

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1-on-1 Coaching to get you through deal issues

Frame the issue(s) for me and we'll see if I can give you an "unfair advantage" based on 30 years of experience, right up to yesterday.

Best for projected deals valued in excess of $5 million

Share your pain and I'll coach you through

Learn something extremely useful

Many clients (and their M&A lawyers and accountants) have suggested I write a book to share what they consider to be exceedingly useful practical knowledge for company owners doing deals.

 Take command of your own sale, IPO, merger, acquisition, restructuring process.

Learn extremely valuable lessons developed from experience

The Un-corporate blog:  real stories about real deals,

some funny, some not so much

Grant Langston

CEO of eHarmony (former)

now CEO and Board Member of Warehouse Exchange

Michael Kane has the most experience of anyone you'll likely meet in making successful deals - an astounding range of business types, business conditions, and buyers.  He knows what's possible, and what is a waste of time.

Andy Laats

Chairman, Nixon, Inc.

Mike is like 4 or 5 board members in one person.  Finance? Yep. Ops? Yep. Strategy? Yep.  He's seen it all, but if you can come up with something he hasn't seen before, he can figure it out quickly.  Responsive.  Responsible. Solution-oriented, positive and calm in every situation.

Mike knows what boards/owners need from management and can lead management teams in that direction.  Mike can find and extract value.  His personal style and depth of experience allow him to be an accepted partner for management teams.

Dan Erickson

Ceo of Elevated Careers

Kane teaches an M&A Master Class to everyone involved, if you're interested in learning (and if you are not, that's your loss).  He brings a unique blend of experience, process, discipline, creativity and intelligence that you're just not going to get from anybody else.

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Hello, I'm Michael Kane – an investment banker with 34 years of experience in two Wall Street firms, my own firm, and a top-flight M&A and securities law firm.

You are a business owner, a board director, or part of a senior management team responsible for a strategic financial transaction or following through on its aftermath.  You would feel much more comfortable if you or your team had personal access to your very own major league investment banking coach.  As a business owner, you may be thinking about selling your business, or as part of a senior management team, you may be tasked with divesting a challenging operating unit.  You may be a board director trying to figure out whether a merger is fair despite all the assurances from the transaction enthusiasts.  You may be a founder thinking about doing an IPO and wanting to optimize your valuation before you talk to underwriters or SPAC sponsors.  Or you may have just done a SPAC deal, and your stock price tanked – leaving all of your team's options so far underwater that you need scuba gear to find them.  And compounding the disaster, you are now answerable to the baying mob of new public shareholders looking at YOU to figure something out.  You may be an equity owner in a Company with a failing business plan – and you need to restructure the business to salvage equity value.  Or you may be newly hired at a private equity firm and are faking it until you make it because your bosses overestimated your experience.  After all, you came from a big bank and are an artful resume writer.  Suppose you are in one of these roles and accountable for executing a strategic financial transaction or salvaging a post-transaction disaster.  You might find it comforting and improve your chances of success if you had a patient, exceedingly experienced pro in your corner.  If this is of interest to you, learn more about my firm and me and share your challenges with me.  Investment Banking is an apprenticeship business.  It takes many years to see enough variations to be reliably good.   I can compress 34 years of practical experience into knowledge you can exploit in your strategic financial transactions, including things they don't write in books.  Check out the "About" section of this website to see my background and why I am well prepared to serve you, but the executive summary is: over the past 34 years, I've been at two Wall Street firms and my own Finra/SEC-registered firm.  I've executed scores of transactions.  I've evaluated hundreds more and interviewed thousands of executives.   Very importantly, during that entire time, I alertly paid attention!  Previously, you would not have encountered me unless you had been referred to me by a sophisticated financial professional who knew who I was, what I did, and how.  I am now excited to extend to you in three ways the benefits of the knowledge I've accumulated and the lessons I've learned:  The first is if you meet our firm's intake criteria, we can, of course, work with you to prepare for and execute your deal – or salvage a less than optimal outcome.  Secondly, I am offering coaching and customized tutorials on issue areas that are important to you.  And lastly, I'm making available courses at the introductory and the pro levels through this site.  Everybody launching on the adventure of a strategic financial transaction can benefit from the unfair advantage I can extend to you by teaching you what I've learned on the front line over all that time.  I've just turned on this site.  I will build out the content over time.  First, I will populate it with things that experience tells me you often need to know and too frequently don't.  I also want to make sure that I focus on issue areas of immediate concern to you, and in that regard, if you have a burning issue about which you would like some orientation and direction, contact me through the site.  Our team will explore whether and how I might best serve you.  For example, we may arrange a customized tutorial or coaching session or make your issue the subject of a short course or a blog post.  I'm Michael Kane.  I've been an investment banker for 34 years.  I collaborate with company owners, senior management, board directors, private equity staff, and top-flight lawyers to strategize, prepare, structure, negotiate, and close strategic financial transactions.  If you are in one of these roles now and you can admit you don't know as much as you should or would like to, I am here to help you.