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Scores of deals, most lead-managed.  32 years evaluating hundreds of company, financial, and transaction scenarios; interviewing thousands of executives. 

We are all about:  Improving valuations.  Realizing greater equity values.

Sell My Business.  Mergers and Acquisitions.  IPO Process.  Strategic Alternatives.  Financial Restructuring.

Check 32 Years of Michael Kane's Securities Industry Background on FINRA's BrokerCheck.
(See you back here when you're ready.)  Kane & Company is the tradename of Transactiondrivers LLC  Member: FINRA | SIPC

Your Success is My Success!

I thoroughly enjoy extracting realizable value from your business equity.  I love what I do, which is why I never promoted myself to "upper management" in my firm.  I'd much rather work with you one-on-one to achieve your goals than assign and supervise apprentice and journeymen deal managers to work with you.

I teach in every engagement.  I teach YOU to make your own informed choices.  Business sales. Mergers and Acquisitions. IPOs. Restructurings.  Evaluating Strategic Alternatives.

I'm opening a polytechnic deal academy to reach a wider audience. Most business owners, board directors, top management and junior private equity staff, lawyers, and accountants can profit significantly from the valuable knowledge I've accumulated through decades of trial and error.

To traditional engagement of our firm to do your deal, I am adding the following:

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Unfair Advantages for Businesses of Any Size

Engage Kane & Company to advise on your deal

Let's talk about your situation and see if Kane is the right choice for helping you prepare for, and execute, the transaction that fulfills your strategic financial goals.

Best for projected deals valued in excess of $100 million

Book a call to discuss an engagement

1-on-1 Coaching to get you through deal issues

Frame the issue(s) for me and we'll see if I can give you an "unfair advantage" based on 30 years of experience, right up to yesterday.

Best for projected deals valued in excess of $5 million

Share your pain and I'll coach you through

Learn something extremely useful

Many clients (and their M&A lawyers and accountants) suggest I write a book to share what they consider exceedingly useful practical knowledge for owners, top managers and board directors ACCOUNTABLE for deal outcomes.

Take command of your sale, IPO, merger, acquisition, restructuring process.

Learn extremely valuable lessons developed from experience

Grant Langston

CEO of eHarmony (former)

now CEO and Board Member of Warehouse Exchange

Michael Kane has the most experience of anyone you'll likely meet in making successful deals - an astounding range of business types, business conditions, and buyers.  He knows what's possible, and what is a waste of time.

Andy Laats

Chairman, Nixon, Inc.

Mike is like 4 or 5 board members in one person.  Finance? Yep. Ops? Yep. Strategy? Yep.  He's seen it all, but if you can come up with something he hasn't seen before, he can figure it out quickly.  Responsive.  Responsible. Solution-oriented, positive and calm in every situation.

Mike knows what boards/owners need from management and can lead management teams in that direction.  Mike can find and extract value.  His personal style and depth of experience allow him to be an accepted partner for management teams.

Dan Erickson

CEO of Elevated Careers

Kane teaches an M&A Master Class to everyone involved, if you're interested in learning (and if you are not, that's your loss).  He brings a unique blend of experience, process, discipline, creativity and intelligence that you're just not going to get from anybody else.

The Un-corporate blog:  real stories about real deals,

some funny, some not so much

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