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Restructure Business Debt and Operations when things did not go according to plan

Kane will buy you time and take the lead in restructuring ALL of your business debt, short and long term, to give you the oxygen to live to fight another day - preserving your equity value in the process.

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Avoid unnecessary error - DO NOT WAIT to contact Kane if you suspect there is even moderate risk of running out of cash within a year.

Restructuring is not successful and equity value is destroyed when denial, hope springing eternal and other forms of magical thinking prevail by those in the best position to recognize the early signs of cash depletion.  If you can project monthly revenue build-up and profitability, you can certainly project weekly cashflow and estimate when financial operations will seize up.  Is shame and responsibility avoidance ("SRA") really worth losing the business?  We don't make judgments, we simply diagnose the severity of the challenge, identify what needs fixing - and we fix it.

And let's drop the fiction that uncontrolled negative cash flow only happens to "SME's. We have restructured companies with sales in the hundreds of millions and plenty of apparently qualified finance and accounting staff.  SRA and insidiously packaged group magical thinking can strike where you least expect it.

  • We Pool Cash - you need to make strategic cash allocation decisions.
  • We Execute a DIY Composition among Creditors - so all trade creditors get paid and you retain those critical to your continued survival.
  • We Restructure and Renegotiate your strategic partnerships and long term contracts. 
  • We reset your business plan to conform to your new business reality - We help you to identify strategic and tactical course corrections and to implement as fast as possible.  No stone is unturned, e.g.:
    • Product/Service
    • Pricing
    • Marketing
    • Distribution
    • Staffing
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Facilities
  • We reset the KPI and reporting regime - We help you measure and report what matters so you can survive and thrive.
  • We help you design and implement new processes, policies and procedures to lock in your gains. 
  • We  help you identify, structure and negotiate recapitalization, as required or advantageous.
The Kane Difference:  We buy you time with your creditors to fix your company; we help you fix it; and we help you set a path for future equity value growth.
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