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Sale of business -stand-alone or divestiture of operating unit

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Recovering maximum value for your business, or operating unit

Worldwide search for the highest and best value realizable for your company.  Expertly guided preparation to increase realizable shareholder value, benefiting from over 3 decades of alert observation and trial and error.

Divesting your non-core (“Orphan”) operating units is a CORE business for us. We develop a customized, turn-key Plan of Disposition designed to recover maximum value from a worldwide prospect pool. We focus on the divestiture, you focus on executing on your current strategy.

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"Active" Selling - Don't all investment bankers to this?  Regrettably, not.

  What is "Active Selling"?
  • We classify prospective buyers by attributes key to understanding how they see value in you. 
  • We structure your value story for each significant variant to conform to the value lens through which they perceive you.
  • We adapt our approach to them, the marketing materials we send to them, and the substantive content we convey to them in outreach meetings.
  • If it requires 2 or 3 or 4 unique campaigns, then that is what we construct and execute, simultaneously.
  • The tip of our spear is our obviously relevant competency, not our brand name - though we are expert at getting the attention of the decision makers of any viable buyer prospect.

This is the best approach for businesses that have some complexity to their value story.

If you own a straight forward cash cow with little room for value interpretation, or misinterpretation, then how the "other guys" do it will be fine for you: a "one size fits all" standardized process that can be quickly taught to junior bankers who then rely on brand association and a prospect list that works like a gill net - it drags the bottom and pulls in everything.  
Our larger brethren send you a massive information request list and junior guys courteously, but persistently, ping you with tons of questions often evidencing little substantive competency in your business.  The data collected is framed into their standard presentation formats, both substantive and in style.  The deliverables are one "book" and one presentation, suitable for video call delivery.  No distinctions are made in the prospective buyers' list; all prospects get the same material, irrespective of vector of interest.  What is supposed to get the attention of the prospective buyers in the first place is the logo of the banker offering the business for sale.   Then the bankers passively await "indications of interest," ready to issue instructions on bidding procedure, not value guidance.  What they are not doing is engaging each buyer from each vector of interest to confirm their understanding of your value, and nudge them along if they do not see it.  They rarely take the early courageous initiative (Executive Decision) to drop the  bottom quartile from the prospect pool to conserve energy for those that are more promising for paying up.  Of course there are always exceptions among individual bankers at large branded firms....
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Public and Private Transactions

Business Sales, IPOs, Fairness Opinions, Acquisitions, Restructurings

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