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34 Years - We've seen it all.  Get Coached by Kane

Best for projected deals valued in excess of $5 million

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34 Years - We've seen it all.  Get Coached by Kane.

Sometimes you encounter a challenge that you decide requires more horsepower to solve.

A consultant "recommends."  If Kane recommends, he helps you "do."

The value you are paying for is access to an investment banking team that has a ton of mileage and remembers the route.

  • Helping you get to where you want to go
  • Some examples
    •  Strategic financial feasibility analyses to help you figure out whether the deal is doable, how and with what likely result, and after you know that, whether you still want to do it.
    • Diving under the hood to see if the contemplated transaction unlocks all of the elements of your business valued in the Capital Markets
    • Identifying and qualifying the specific Buyers most in need of what you are selling
    • Detecting and giving you the option of reconfiguring any elements that will yield more value if addressed
    • Cleaning up and resolving over-hanging business issues that will impair your prospective transaction

Please visit the Blog for examples of specific challenges we resolved for clients. 

Kane is “McKinsey-like” if top-flight management consultants were accountable for the results of transaction design and execution

Kane is “Goldman-like” if top-flight investment banks worked with you long as necessary to prepare you to qualify to maximize the equity value YOU extract in a transaction

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