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34 Years - We've seen it all.  Get Coached by Kane

Best for projected deals valued in excess of $5 million

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34 Years - We've seen it all.  Get Coached by Kane.

Sometimes you encounter a challenge that you decide requires more horsepower to solve.

A consultant "recommends."  If Kane recommends, he helps you "do."

The value - access to an investment banking team with a ton of mileage and flawless memory.

  • Helping you get to where you want to go
  • Some examples - We Help You
    •  Figure out whether the deal is doable, how and with what likely result, and after you know that, whether you still want to do it.
    • Assess whether the contemplated transaction unlocks all of the value elements of your business
    • Identify and qualify the specific Buyers most in need of what you are selling
    • Detect and reconfigure any elements that will yield more value if addressed
    • Clean up and resolve over-hanging business issues that will impair your prospective transaction

Please visit the Blog for examples of specific challenges we resolved for clients. 

Kane is “McKinsey-like” if top-flight management consultants were accountable for the results of transaction design and execution

Kane is “Goldman-like” if top-flight investment banks worked with you as long as necessary to prepare you to qualify to maximize the equity value YOU extract in a transaction

Public and Private Transactions

Business Sales, IPOs, Fairness Opinions, Acquisitions, Restructurings

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